8 Mistakes That Will Slowly Ruin Your Marriage or Relationship

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When two people decide to get married, they need to be in complete agreement with each other. Marriage is hard work but it is one of the most rewarding experiences in this life. Unfortunately, there are certain mistakes, very easy to make, which can ruin even the most loving of marriages.

1. Asking your significant other to become a different person to suit your needs

We all come with a set of flaws and imperfections. None of us are infallible. If you think your lover should transform themselves to suit your convenience, remember that this can lead to your relationship falling apart. They might even say that they will change because they don’t want to lose you but this will only create issues in the future which will make your relationship unbearable.

2. Trying to have the last word every time

No one likes to be wrong and couples tend to argue till one person can show the other that they are mistaken. This is just pride getting in the way of something that can easily be solved through discussion. Talk it out and try to come up with a way to fix things.

3. Accept third party interference

A very popular slip up, no matter how close another person is to either of you, if you bring them into your issues, it will not solve anything. You’ll find that you were better off before they came into the picture. While you may feel the need to get some space and rant about your issues, remember that no one can understand better than your partner who is experiencing life with you.

4. Not paying attention to your significant other’s desires

It’s essential for everybody to know this. Don’t neglect the things your lover requires, physically and emotionally. When you do so, they will also stop satisfying your desires and you’ll both start turning to others to find satisfaction. This will surely pull you apart.

5. Not respecting each other’s opinions

Remember that you are both two unique personalities. Differences in opinion are sure to come about but take this as an opportunity to learn from each other. Both of you will bring innovation into each other’s lives so revel in your differences and make the most of it.

6. Refusing to own up to one’s mistakes

The old saying that pride goes before a fall is no joke. We lost so much when we let pride dominate us and keep us from owning up to our mistakes. It’s completely okay to apologize when you’ve slipped up. Humility is important in every area of life. In fact, if you’re with someone who truly care about you, they will love you more for it and will try to do the same when they do something wrong.

7. By not communicating or by miscommunication

If you’re in a relationship, you need to be able to talk to each other with complete honesty in order to make things works. When you don’t communicate clearly and openly, your partner will think that you don’t care or they might come up with their own assumptions based on your silence and this will cause tension between the two of you.

8. Lack of teamwork

When you enter a relationship, both of you are in it together. Remember that there’s no need to be reckless about things. Talk things through with each other before you make any decisions. Whenever you know that a choice will have an impact on the two of you together, take some time to weigh all the pros and cons together.

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