Gene Hackman has been a beloved actor for decades.

His work has been appreciated by millions of fans around the world.

However, in recent year as the actor has entered his 90s, he has not been seen out and about as much.

But now, he was recently spotted out with his wife and people cannot believe what he looks like now!

Gene Hackman was spotted out in public recently after a while.

Hollywood recluse Gene Hackman, 94, spotted on first public outing with  wife in decades - Daily Star

He was accompanied by his wife Betsy Arakawa, taking a walk together. The 94-year-old veteran actor wore a gray vest and green-gray cargo pants paired with a plaid button-down shirt. He seemed to be leaning on his partner for support to walk and also had a cane in one of his hands as an extra walking aid.

The Superman star has been retired for quite a while and his recent sighting has fans excited! However, when some fans saw what he looked like now, they were a little taken aback. One person commented, “That looks nothing like #genehackman,” while others agreed with them. Keep reading to see the latest picture of the actor!Gene Hackman delights movie fans with very rare new photo | The Independent

But one fan came to his defense and wanted to preserve the actor’s legacy, they wrote, “Don’t do this, I don’t want to remember him like this. I’m glad he’s alive and well under the circumstances, but let’s remember him as he was before. Nobody wants to be remembered as the old enfeebled body that they became if they were lucky enough to become extremely old.”

Another commenter merely pointed out that Gene looked rather “fit” for his age. “He’s walking, he’s being supported by his wife, he’s shopping, he’s 94 and still around. That’s a win,” the person wrote.

Gene Hackman, 91, Gives First Interview in a Decade

Gene Hackman spent four amazing decades in Hollywood producing stellar work. He retired from his career quietly in the late 2000s. He did so after he hinted in an interview to Larry King in 2004 that he had no productions lined up for the future. The actor had been in over 70 films in his career. He won multiple awards including the coveted Oscar for Best Actor in The French Connection as well as Best Supporting Actor for his role as Little Bill Daggett in Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven.

Reclusive Gene Hackman, 93, looks fit as he pumps gas, performs yard work
Hollywood recluse Gene Hackman, 94, spotted on first public outing with  wife in decades - Daily Star

Gene’s last movie happened to be, Welcome to Mooseport. It proved to be a disaster as it did not even make half of its production budget of $30 million. Despite his last foray in Hollywood being a failure, he is still remembered for his countless iconic roles and for novels like Pursuit and The Wake of the Perdido Star.

In 2020, the actor shared that he would be taking it easy even more so now because of a stress test he took which altered his doctors. He said, “The doctor advised me that my heart wasn’t in the kind of shape that I should be putting it under any stress.”

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