A Simple Vaseline Trick To Remove Unwanted Hair On The Body

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his morning I am going to teach you how to remove unwanted hair on your body in a simple but effective steps.

This mixture can be used all over the body including your face too. Some of us have problem areas that has stubborn hairs that has refused to remove no matter how hard we try.

Problem Areas include:

The hair on the armpits

The hair on the upper part of the lips (this can be pretty embarrassing especially for women and young girls)

The pubic area (every lady is looking to achieve a hairless bikini line)

The legs

What You Need:

• 1 table spoon gram flour

• Half table spoon of turmeric powder

• 3 table spoons of milk(powder)

• Half tea spoon of vaseline

The steps:

1 In a mixing bowl add the gram flour, turmeric powder and milk

2 Mix all of it together

3 Now add the half tea spoon of vaseline and mix it again

4 Apply this paste on your skin in direction of hair growth/problem areas

5 Now leave it to dry completely

6 Once it is dry, remove it in the opposite direction of hair growth

7 Wash your skin with plain warm water

How many Times should you do this:

You can do this everyday.

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