Am I a bad mother for kicking my pregnant daughter out?

Every parent wants the best for their children, and no matter how difficult things get, parents are the ones who are there to reassure their kids that everything will work out in the end. Ella, Rose’s mother, was skeptical of the 19-year-old’s intentions when the 19-year-old told her that she was dating someone, but she eventually came to love and embrace Nathan since he treated Rose with dignity.

Ella’s primary worry was about her daughter going to college. Rose reassured her that it wouldn’t be the case. She was afraid that entering into a committed relationship at that age would keep her from realizing her dream of earning a college degree.

Rose went up to her mother one day and said she needed to chat to her about something. Ella’s heart sank; she was curious to hear Rose’s thoughts while not knowing what to anticipate. This mother felt even more under strain and apprehensive about the news she was going to receive after hearing the phrase “Please don’t get upset.”


“I am pregnant with Nathan’s baby. You’re going to be a grandmother,” Rose uttered in a shy manner.


Rose was going to become a mother at such a young age—she was practically a baby herself. Ella felt disappointment as she considered the drastic changes her daughter’s life would undergo.

“I know you wanted me to secure my future first, but this baby and Nathan are a big part of it,” Rose tried to assure her mom.

Rose told her mother she had more news to give, but she assured her that everything would be alright and that she wouldn’t quit college when the baby was born.

“Um, I have another surprise for you,” Rose said as she showed her mom her hand. “He proposed to Mommy and I said ‘Yes!’”

Rose was relieved to hear that Nathan was sincere about his attentions, and although she had previously worried about her daughter’s future, she now invited Rose and Nathan to reside at her house until they were able to purchase a property of their own.

The young couple was overjoyed. They even turned one of the rooms into a nursery. Life felt good, but then, at one moment, everything changed.

One day Ella came home sooner than she thought, eager to show Rose what she had bought for the baby they were all waiting for to arrive. When she got home, Rose was still in her pretty underwear. Ella’s heart was tumbling in time with Rose’s shocked expression, indicating that it perceived danger before Rose did. “Mum! How come you are going home so early? Rose’s voice wavered as she stammered.

“Baby, who are you talking to?” a deep, strange voice cried out from the corridor before Ella could respond. Ella experienced a sharp sensation in her abdomen upon realizing that the voice was not Nathan’s. She dropped the grocery bags at that very moment, breaking some of the items inside and causing a huge mess in the corridor.

Ella pointed to the mess at her feet and said, “I thought I’d surprise you with these, but it seems I’m the one surprised.” Rose begged, “Mom, please, let me explain!” as she went closer to the voice, her heart began to race. Ella spotted a man she had never seen before as she opened the bedroom door. The blanket that Nathan’s mother had purchased for Rose was wrapped around him.

“What is going on here, Rose?” Ella demanded answers. The man stood up, trying to appear respectable, which only fueled Ella’s growing fury.

“I’m so sorry, ma’am. I didn’t realize—” he started.

“Out!” Ella cut him off sharply. He then took his clothes and rushed out of the house.

“Mom, it was a mistake. I was just… it was nothing. Please, don’t tell Nathan. Please!” Rose pleaded.

“How can you say ‘it was nothing’? You betray everything we’ve built for you, for this family!” Ella yelled, struggling to hide her tears.

“You’ve not only lied to Nathan but to everyone. This house, this room—we prepared this for your future, for your child’s future!”

For Rose’s mother, seeing her daughter in the arms of another man was too much. She was also sorry for Nathan, who had a deep love for Rose. Rose, you made your decision. You have to go now. I need some space to reflect and refuel before determining whether or not I can ever view you in the same light.

Rose collapsed on the floor.

“I have nowhere to go and no money, Mom! Please, I’m scared!” Rose kept repeating.

Ella felt a piece of herself crumble as she stood there and watched through tear-streaked eyes as her daughter gathered her little possessions. Still, the hurt was too intense and the treachery too profound. Ella questioned whether it was appropriate for her to inform Nathan of Rose’s adultery. She couldn’t help but wonder whether Rose did carry Nathan’s child.

Taking to Reddit, Ella asked fellow Redditors if expelling Rose was too harsh a decision. “Should I unveil this painful truth to Nathan? Was my decision to protect what remains of our family’s integrity correct? Or am I a mother scorned, acting out of hurt rather than wisdom?”

What are your thoughts on this?

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