Discover the Shocking Factors That Amplify the Heartache of Funerals and Death!

WHEN YOU DIE, don’t worry about your body… your relatives will do whatever is necessary according to their possibilities. They will take your clothes off, wash you, dress you, take you out of your house and take you to your new address. Many will come to your funeral to “say goodbye.” Some will cancel commitments and even miss work to go to your funeral. Your belongings, even what you didn’t like to lend, will be sold, given away or burned. Your keys, your tools, your books, your shoes, your clothes… And rest assured that the world will not stop to cry for you. The economy will continue. In your job, you will be replaced. Someone with the same or better capabilities will take your place. Your assets will go to your heirs…. And do not doubt that you will continue to be cited, judged, questioned and criticized for the small and great things you did in life. People who knew you only by your appearance will say; Poor man or woman! o He or she had a great time! Your sincere friends will cry for a few hours or a few days, but then they will return to laughter. The “friends” who pulled you to partying will forget about you faster. Your animals will get used to the new owner. Your photos will hang on the wall or remain on a piece of furniture for a while, but then perhaps they will be stored at the bottom of a drawer. And we will only live in the memory of those who loved us. Someone else will sit on your couch and eat at your table. The deep pain in your house will last a week, two, a month, two, a year, two… Then you will be added to the memories and then, your story is over. It ended up among people, it ended up here, it ended up in this world. But begin your story in your new reality… in your life after death. Your life where you couldn’t move with the things from here because, when you left, they lost the value they had. Body Beauty Appearance Last name Comfort Credit State Position Bank account Home Car Profession Titles Diplomas Medals Trophies Friends Places Spouse Family… In your new life you will only need your spirit. And the value you have accumulated here will be the only fortune you will have there. That fortune is the only one you will take with you and it is amassed during the time you are here. When you live a life of love for others and peace with your neighbors, you are amassing your spiritual fortune. That’s why try to live fully and be happy while you’re here because, “From here you won’t take what you have. You’ll only take what you gave.”

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