Being a celebrity seems tough. They face a lot of pressure all the time.

It’s normal for people to criticize their work sometimes. No one can please everyone all the time. Even famous people can have bad days.

But lately, it’s not just about their work. People are saying mean things about them personally online. We all hoped we would be better than that.

Unfortunately, the internet can be a place where people say mean things loudly for everyone to hear. Celebrities have to deal with this a lot.

Halle Berry, a famous actress, recently experienced this when she posted a beautiful picture of herself without any clothes on. She looked amazing in the photo, but not everyone had nice things to say.

Even though many people complimented her, some still said mean stuff.

One person wrote a mean comment about Halle Berry’s nude photo. They said she’s too old to be doing that and should be spending time with her grandkids instead. They also said aging gracefully is impossible.

Since Halle Berry has been famous for a long time, you might think she would ignore mean comments like this and not pay attention to them.

But Halle Berry didn’t let the mean comment get to her. Instead, she replied in a funny way that her fans loved.

She retweeted the photo and wrote, “Did you guys know the heart of a shrimp is located in its head?”

People on Twitter praised her response. One person said, “You’re living your best life, and that’s great.” Another said, “It’s silly to get mad because a beautiful woman is proud of her body.”

Even other celebrities like Audra McDonald thought Halle Berry’s reply was great. She said, “You won the internet today with this comeback.”

So, in the end, Halle Berry’s response to the mean comment got a lot more attention than the comment itself.

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