If You See A Plastic Bottle On Your Tire, Be Warned

In today’s complex modern life, where bills and responsibilities pile up, it’s easy to overlook one more thing. However, there’s a crucial message for your safety that you must heed. Ignoring it could have grave consequences. If you ever spot a plastic bottle wedged between your tire and car frame, take immediate action and call 911.

As the driver starts moving, the empty plastic bottle creates crackling sounds, causing concern and prompting most drivers to stop and investigate what they ran over. This is when the carjacker strikes. If the driver foolishly leaves the keys in the car while it’s running, the thief can simply get in and drive away, leaving the owner stranded and embarrassed. Alternatively, the thief may seize the opportunity to snatch valuables, such as wallets or cellphones, left behind by the unsuspecting driver. The moment the driver steps out of the car to inspect the noise, they put themselves at risk.

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