Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner, who everyone knows, decided to live separately some time ago. People have been talking a lot about it, and it seems like the rumors and gossip are not stopping.

They officially got divorced in September 2023. News says they are both trying to move on and find new love. Some say Kevin Costner is with the singer Jewel, and Christine Baumgartner is reportedly dating someone named Josh Connor. But when they were getting divorced, Christine said they were not in a relationship.

Now, there’s a new story. Someone who knows a lot about them says that Kevin Costner always had a feeling that his ex-wife was having a romantic relationship with Josh Connor, the financier.

Earlier this month, Christine Baumgartner finally admitted that she and Josh Connor are dating, putting an end to all the rumors.

An insider shared with Us Weekly that Kevin Costner had a strong feeling that “something was going on between Christine and Josh.” The insider mentioned that their “close bond was a real elephant in the room.”

The Daily Mail recently published pictures of Christine, who is a fashion designer, and Josh, who seemed to be dropped off at his home by her. This happened after they were seen together during a summer vacation in Hawaii last July.

During her divorce court proceedings, Baumgartner had to answer a question about her relationship with Josh after they were spotted together.

When asked if Josh Connor was her boyfriend, Christine Baumgartner said, “No.” She also mentioned that when they were on vacation, they slept in separate rooms. However, there are reports that Christine and Josh went on another trip to Hawaii in December.

According to sources, Christine and Josh have been in a romantic relationship for a while now. The insider said, “They’re together and they have been for some time. They spent time together in Hawaii before Christmas while Kevin was probably in Aspen with the kids.”

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