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If we are being honest, then it is the time that you need a sugar detox. We all know the dangerous effects that it can have for our health. Therefore, it is best that from time to time you rest your body from it.

Since not everyone can go through progressive weaning of sugar, sometimes it is best if you do that at once. A couple of researchers have shown that if you quickly gave up sugar, the biggest consequences, such as a headache, bad mood, and sugar cravings, disappear in a period of 7 days. That is why you should look at this 7-day plan for detoxification which will help you thrown out sugar out of your life completely.

The Menu

Day 1

Breakfast: 3 eggs and spinach

Snack: Blueberries and raw almonds

Lunch: Arugula and tuna with oil and vinegar

Dinner: Vegetable Stir-fry and steak

sugar detox

Day 2

Breakfast: Green smoothie

Snack: Macadamias

Lunch: Avocado and shredded chicken

Dinner: Salmon with greens

Day 3

Breakfast: Vegetable Omelet

Snack: Bulletproof coffee

Lunch: Hummus with cucumbers

Dinner: Chicken lettuce wraps

Day 4

Breakfast: Hardboiled eggs

Snack: Apple with almond butter

Lunch: Big vegetable salad

Dinner: Steak with ½ baked sweet potato

Day 5

Breakfast: Green smoothie

Snack: Granola bar

Lunch: Tuna and cucumbers

Dinner: Spinach and quinoa cooked in chicken broth

sugar detox

Day 6

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and bacon

Snack: Granola bar

Lunch: Avocado, quinoa, tomatoes with salt and pepper

Dinner: Steak Lettuce Wraps

Day 7

Breakfast: Kombucha and raw almonds

Snack: ½ avocado

Lunch: Hummus with carrots

Dinner: Chicken with blueberries and arugula salad

If you are following this detoxification plan then you also need the following advice for greater success:

  1. Right after dinner get ready for bed. In that way, the night-time sugar cravings will be lowered to a minimum. In addition, if will let your body rest better it won’t look for other ways to increase its energy.
  2. Always have snacks on hand. Raw hazelnuts and almonds are great fighters against sugar cravings during the day.
  3. Drink water. Keep your body hydrated, especially this week while you are following this plan for detoxification. Apart from water, you can also drink unsweetened tea.

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