Remove Your Facial Hair Permanently With This Old Korean Formula

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Just after you had nice sleep and you are staying a little longer in your warm bed, you decide to go to the bathroom however when you see yourself in the mirror you only see the hair on your chin that you plucked the day before…You wonder how is this possible. Does this sound familiar?

Many of us face the problem of unwanted hair in unwanted places. This is usually one big issue for the female population because they face should be smooth by default.

So, having unwanted hair on the face is embarrassing for all of them, and most often this increases with the age because the level of estrogen gets changed because of the whole process of menopause.

Many people are trying different methods in order to remove the facial hair, which can be really exhausting and painful. However, there is one natural way that is really efficient and not painful at all.

Read below about the Remedy with Baking soda and Turmeric

Things necessary:

– 2 teaspoons of baking soda

– 1 teaspoon of organic turmeric powder

– Water to combine

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Take one bowl and put inside the turmeric and baking soda. After that, add the water in order to combine them both. You should put water until you get a paste.

After this, you can apply the mixture to the area you want in order to remove the hair. Let the mixture dry on your skin. After that, when it will be all dry you should rub it off your skin with the help of your fingers.

Then, at the end wash your face with water or your face wash so you can get rid of the color from the turmeric. You can use your moisturizer if you like after this.

Important things:

If you have sensitive skin or too dry, do not use it because it is drying out the skin.

You should only use organic turmeric powder, not the processed one because it may stain you.

If you still have yellow coloration on your face because of the turmeric you can apply little milk on a cotton ball and rub your face with it.

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