The Dodge brand, synonymous with American muscle cars, traces its roots back to 1900 when brothers Horace and John Dodge founded the Dodge Brothers Company. Initially, they supplied parts to Detroit’s burgeoning auto industry, including Henry Ford. In 1914, they produced their first car, the Dodge Model 30.

The muscle car era for Dodge began in the 1960s, peaking with the launch of the Dodge Charger in 1966. The Charger, characterized by its sleek design and powerful V8 engine, quickly became a symbol of American automotive performance. Another iconic model, the Dodge Challenger, debuted in 1970, offering a range of potent engines and striking looks, solidifying Dodge’s reputation in the muscle car market.

The 1970s oil crisis and stricter emission regulations led to a decline in muscle car popularity. However, Dodge revived the muscle car spirit in the 2000s with modern iterations of the Charger (2005) and Challenger (2008). These new models retained the classic muscle car aesthetics while incorporating contemporary technology and engineering.

Dodge continued to push performance boundaries with high-performance variants like the Charger Hellcat and Challenger Demon, boasting over 700 horsepower. These models reinforce Dodge’s legacy as a premier producer of American muscle cars, blending classic appeal with modern performance

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