After having experienced several less-than-successful projects, the actress opted to step out of the limelight and live a life akin to that of an ordinary citizen.

Despite the multitude of changes, her husband of more than three decades vowed to continue loving her unconditionally. Here’s an insight into Delta Burke’s life.

Delta Burke rose to prominence after clinching the Miss Florida title in 1974. Following this, she participated in the Miss America Pageant, secured a talent scholarship, and pursued studies at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

In 1979, Burke ventured into film, starring in “The Seekers” and “The Chisholms.” However, she is most recognized for her portrayal of Suzanne Sugarbaker in the 1986 series “Designing Women.”

She established a production company that produced “Delta” and “Women of the House,” both of which featured Burke in leading roles. Subsequently, she launched her clothing design enterprise called Delta Burke Design.

Burke portrayed Suzanne Sugarbaker in “Designing Women” for five out of the seven seasons, as she was dismissed by the show’s producers.

Following her dismissal, she alleged that the executive producers, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and Harry Thomason, subjected her to psychological abuse.

However, the executive producers and the show’s stars claimed that Burke created difficulties for everyone, leading to her termination. Burke stated,

“Essentially, it became unbearable for me in the second season. By the conclusion of the fourth season, I couldn’t continue living like that.”

Burke described the work atmosphere as surreal, but her claims were met with skepticism. Despite seeking assistance from influential individuals, she received no support.

Although she missed her character after some time, she expressed no regrets about leaving the show. After more than a year, she grew accustomed to her weight but aimed to shed some pounds.

However, post her departure from “Designing Women,” her appearance changed, and she appeared heavier in the subsequent series she starred in titled “Dayo.”

Her Remarkable Transformation after Overcoming Health Challenges
During the filming of her show “Counter Culture” in 2012, Burke experienced a fall, resulting in the cancellation of the series. Following this, she retreated from the public eye for several years.

Upon being spotted dining out, she exhibited a striking transformation. Gone was her signature bouffant hair, replaced by a brunette bob, and she opted for a relatively makeup-free look instead of vivid lipstick.

The actress, who had publicly battled weight issues, had also shed some pounds. In addition to weight problems, she grappled with depression, hoarding tendencies, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In 2008, she sought treatment at a psychiatric facility, and despite lacking enthusiasm for work, she found contentment in life.

Burke, now healthier and happier, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. However, she acknowledged her husband, Gerald McRaney, for guiding her dietary choices.

Despite the challenges they faced, her husband’s love for her remains unwavering. She remarked,

“Mac loves me no matter what. He adored me when I was as large as a house. He adored me when I was a blonde.”

She revealed that her husband only expressed his dislike for her blonde hair upon her return to brunette. Regardless of her insecurities, he has always supported her and perceives her physique positively.

Their Enduring 33-Year Marriage
Burke and McRaney crossed paths in 1987 when she guest-starred on his detective series “Simon & Simon.” Despite facing opposition from his friends, McRaney was unwilling to let her slip away.

He proposed marriage on their second date, despite dissent from his friends, who were averse to him marrying an actress. However, McRaney recognized that only an actress could comprehend his erratic work schedule.

They tied the knot in 1989, marking McRaney’s third marriage but Burke’s first.

McRaney delved into acting during junior high school after sustaining knee injuries during a football practice session. He guest-starred on “Gunsmoke: Hard Labor” before achieving breakthrough success on “Simon & Simon” in 1981.

Although Burke and the “This Is Us” actor did not share children, she embraced his children from previous marriages as her own.

The couple collaborated on various projects, and McRaney revealed that they thrive when in each other’s company 24/7.

After over three decades together, McRaney attributed their enduring happiness to their choice of spouse. The couple settled in Central Florida, where they intend to spend their remaining years enjoying life to the fullest.

Burke grew up in the area, and they returned to relish the tranquility of their surroundings. They envisioned indulging in activities like fishing, beachcombing, and more.

Transitioning to a Civilian Life Away from the Glare of Fame
According to McRaney, although he enjoys working alongside Burke, she has bid farewell to show business, and he believes she is “over it.” Nonetheless, he acknowledges that she might reconsider with the right opportunity.

For Burke, life away from acting entails dedicating more time to her clothing design venture, managing her company, or embarking on adventures with her husband.

Initially offering a range of apparel in 1994, her design company has shifted its focus to swimsuits and lingerie for plus-size women, catering to sizes 14 to 26.

Burke launched the company after struggling to find flattering and comfortable attire for plus-sized women.

Living as an ordinary civilian away from the spotlight and glamour, she occasionally accompanies her husband on grocery runs.

A fan shared on Twitter that they once spotted Burke and her husband enjoying pancakes at a diner-style eatery in Los Angeles.

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