Transgender Man Gives Birth To Two Children With His Transgender Wife

Transgender couple Syven and Tori defied misconceptions and judgment to become parents to their one-year-old son, Prophet, and one-month-old daughter, Wynter. Syven, assigned female at birth, transitioned early, facing resistance from friends and family. Tori, assigned male at birth, began her transition at 18. Their love blossomed as they supported each other through their journeys. They believed in their dream of parenthood despite the misconception that transgender people can’t have children naturally.

Surprisingly, Syven conceived naturally despite taking testosterone. The couple’s announcement brought mixed reactions, with some scoffing at Syven’s pregnant appearance. They faced prejudice and doubts about their parenting abilities due to their transgender identities.

Syven cherished pregnancy but endured uncomfortable scrutiny in medical settings. When Prophet was six months old, Syven discovered another pregnancy. Their close-knit extended family provided vital support.

Despite negativity, they remain resilient, encouraging others to pursue parenthood. They advocate for more support for pregnant trans individuals. Their story showcases love’s power and defies societal norms, emphasizing that everyone, regardless of gender identity, can be a parent.

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