Try The Apple Diet: Lose 6 Pounds in 3 Days

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Apples are all around us, especially in this period, so now is the perfect time for a diet that is based precisely on them and their health benefits.

The Apple diet is one of the best known ones, because of the short duration and the results it provides. Because apples have a minimum amount of calories, for a period of 3 days you can lose up to 3 pounds.

What is the plan for the apple diet?

The first day should be started with a breakfast consisting of whole-grain bread with fresh cow cheese and three apple slices. As snacks you can have an apple, while lunch can 140g fish, an apple, orange and celery. Afternoon snack consists of 85g cow cheese and 1 apple, and for dinner prepare dinner prepare sandwiches from rye bread with cheese.

The second day started the day with 30g oatmeal, 130ml milk, a tablespoon raisins 1 apple, and snacks can eat another. Lunch Prepare a pancake milk and eggs that will fill with grated apples. For an afternoon snack drink 80g bezmasen yogurt and half chop apples. Dinner let consists of 40g rice mixed with half a banana and one apple.

The third day should start off with a piece of whole-grain bread, 3 tablespoons of cow cheese and apples, and 1 snack of apples in 140g yogurt and add a little lemon and cinnamon. For lunch eat 80g roasted chicken breast and 1 apple, red pepper and lemon juice. Apples will be your afternoon snacks. Finish the diet with a fresh salad, 2 carrots, 1 apple, raisins and a tablespoon 50g low-fat cheese.

During these three days, be sure to drink at least 1 liter of water. You will be amazed how much lighter and healthier you will feel after just 72 hours.

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